Access for All round up: Canada’s coverage journey and where we stand

October 26, 2020
Yukon gets #AccessForAll

Thanks to the advocacy efforts of adults, parents and others touched by type 1 diabetes (T1D), the Yukon government has moved to fully reimburse continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and flash glucose monitoring (Flash GM).

This past September, the government announced it would begin covering CGM and Flash GM for youth up to 18 years old, and Flash GM for adults, however advocates with the Yukon T1D Support Group demanded the coverage of both devices for all – regardless of age.

The group’s campaign, backed by local businesses, convinced the government to move forward with its original commitment – making Yukon the first jurisdiction in Canada to embrace #AccessForAll

Saskatchewan parties agree on more coverage

Meanwhile in Saskatchewan, the governing Saskatchewan Party who’ve just be re-elected have promised to reimburse CGM for those under age 25 and expand insulin pump coverage to all ages. The Opposition NDP made a similar promise, and we’ll be following up in the coming weeks to make sure it’s been fulfilled. This is great news for those with type 1 diabetes in the province. These commitments follow advocacy efforts by parent and adult advocates including the Halvorson family, who were on hand for the announcement. Hartley Halvorson, age 4 and mother Aly will be participating in this year’s Kids for a Cure Lobby Day – Home Edition

Advocating for CGM/Flash GM funding ahead of the B.C. election

B.C. also heads to the polls in October, though a commitment to fund CGM and Flash GM was not included in party platforms – despite the fact that BC Pharmacare had been reviewing the possibility of coverage for advanced glucose monitoring systems prior to the election.

JDRF participated alongside Diabetes Canada and Type 1 Together in public and stakeholder consultations held by BC Pharmaceutical Services in August and September. 

Demanding more access in Ontario

Efforts continue in Ontario to convince the government to expand access beyond Flash GM (currently covered for those under age 25, on disability or receiving social assistance who have no private insurance coverage and those over age 65). But our efforts haven’t stopped. Thanks to your support, we have produced a new pre-budget submission in October, met with officials and arranged for testimony as part of the Minister of Finance’s pre-budget consultations.

There’s still time to take action! Send an email to your provincial representative, demanding CGM and Flash GM coverage today.

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