Charitable Gift Annuities

You have savings and investments, but interest rates fluctuate and sometimes your monthly income doesn’t keep pace with rising costs. Your investments have to last your lifetime, yet you also want to give generously to your favourite charities.

With a charitable gift annuity, you can make a generous gift to JDRF Canada and improve your cash flow at the same time. An annuity is an irrevocable gift to a charity like JDRF Canada in return for which you receive a guaranteed, regular annual income for life.


Charitable gift annuities are an attractive option for:

  • Donors aged 65+, with the optimum age between 70-80 years for men and 74-80 years for women
  • Donors who have no dependents, are at a medium income level and who are looking for a dependable income stream with a better return than a GIC (guaranteed investment certificate) or savings bond
  • Donors who want an alternative to leaving a bequest to simplify the estate process and save probate and other estate fees in the future

To qualify as a charitable gift annuity, a minimum of 20% of the principal amount of the annuity must be a charitable gift.


Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity:

  • A safe, guaranteed income for life, without investment management worries
  • The rate of return is usually higher than the interest received on GICs or savings bonds
  • Receive income that is all or mostly tax-free (depending on your age when you purchase the annuity)
  • Receive a tax receipt for the difference between the total gift and the cost of the annuity
  • It’s a donation that can’t be contested, because it’s not part of your estate

All donors are encouraged to seek independent financial and legal counsel when executing wills, trusts, contracts and other agreements.


Independent Counsel

JDRF Canada will provide you with information and assistance to purchase a charitable gift annuity. However, the ultimate responsibility regarding evaluations, tax deductibility, and/or similar legal local, provincial or federal compliance issues rests with you and/or your counsel.


To learn more, please fill out a request for information, or contact:

Laura-Lee Bradie
Development Officer, Planned and Annual Giving
Phone: 647.789.2981
Toll-free: 1.877.287.3533
Charitable Number: 111897 6604 RR0001