JDRF’s primary goal is to cure type 1 diabetes (T1D) through research – as quickly as possible. To support people with T1D while cure research is advancing, we also fund ground-breaking research that seeks to make life with T1D easier, safer and healthier.

JDRF Canada's Primary Focus - Research

JDRF is the largest non-profit organization in the world that is exclusively focused on T1D.

Since 1970, JDRF has funded in whole or in part, every major scientific breakthrough in T1D research.

Success for JDRF is defined by the availability of affordable life changing therapies that improve the lives of people who live with, or are at risk of T1D. To this end, we invest across the research pipeline, from the early stages to clinical trials to adoption of breakthrough treatments.

JDRF is also committed to a collaborative approach by working with a variety of partners – including academia, foundations, industry, government, and other non-profits – to achieve our goal.

Our research has two core objectives are to cure T1D and improve lives.

Cure T1D

No one knows where the cure will come from, but we continue to pursue several avenues that have the most promise. Our goal is to make cures available to everyone affected by or at risk of T1D.

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Improve Lives

JDRF-funded research is making a difference every day to ease the burden of those living with the disease. Until cures are found, our goal is a world where people with T1D live healthy and burden-free lives.

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Why Your Support Matters

T1D is a chronic condition that must be managed every day. Insulin remains the only treatment and is not a cure. Although it mitigates the effects of the disease, diabetes complications remain a very real concern for everyone living with T1D. Heart disease, kidney failure, vision loss, and amputations are all possible complications, and the severity and likelihood of developing one of these increases the longer a person has had T1D.

JDRF funds the most promising research that both improves lives today and brings a cure within reach. Every dollar donated is stewarded with consideration of how to best get us closer to our ultimate goal of a cure. Together, we can create a future without T1D.

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