T1D monster stories

Read the personal stories of people affected by T1D, and how they tame their T1D monster.


When I was first diagnosed, my monster was really scary. It felt like a big, dark shadow lurking around me all the time. But once we learned to use the tools to manage the monster, he became much less scary.

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I think that my monster sometimes leaves me alone. On those days, everything is normal and it’s almost like I don’t have diabetes at all. But most days it shadows me.

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My monster is scary. He always pokes me with his horns. A lot of times people don’t know how tough it is to live with my monster. But I’m tough too.

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My monster is very moody and hard to keep happy. The monster never goes away and managing it is a full time job. We need to find a cure so kids can be kids.

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Living with the T1D monster can be challenging, but I’ve learned what I need to do throughout my days at school or when I am out playing hockey with my teammates.

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The T1D monster doesn’t stop me from doing anything, but it is always around and sometimes keeps me from feeling my best while I’m living my life.

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Living with a type 1 diabetes monster is very difficult to deal with and needs lots of attention but I choose to fight everyday so that I don’t let it take over my life.

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It can sometimes be difficult having to remember to give myself insulin and prepare for every meal. The T1D monster can be managed but it can lose control.

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Diabetes is exhausting because there is no end date or time when I can relax and not think about my blood sugar. I have to constantly manage it to stay alive – every hour of every day for the rest of my life.

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Tell us what the T1D monster is like for you, and what a cure would mean.

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