Diagnosed at age 9

His monster slayer juicebox is Persistent Peach

Living with the T1D monster can be challenging sometimes, but I’ve learned what I need to do throughout my days at school, when I am out playing hockey with my teammates, or even something simple as walking my dog.  The unpredictability of it – some days I am high, some days I am low – just when my family and I think we have patterns figured out, we don’t. It is a constant learning curve and that is the biggest challenge.

I see my monster as a goofy gangster, that has a swampy green hat, blue shirt, and gray pants. He is friendly but annoying. Like my sister… but worse.

A cure would mean it would be nice for me not have to worry about what I’m eating, my activity, and everything else. It would be nice for me not to have to think about it and just be a kid.


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