Announcing the new JDRF – Beyond Type 1 Alliance

September 25, 2019



On September 24, 2019 we announced an exciting new alliance with Beyond Type 1, aimed at getting more information, more resources and more support to our type 1 diabetes (T1D) community. 

This is an innovative partnership, based on a shared objective of supporting the people and families impacted by T1D with accelerated Research, Advocacy and Community Engagement.  

JDRF brings to the Alliance, Research expertise, as well as a respected and trusted Advocacy voice, and a solid, supportive network of Community Engagement resources and programs.  

Beyond Type 1 reaches more than 1 million people with personal story telling, online programs and outreach. 

By working together, we know that we can do more, better, faster, more efficiently to:   

  • Engage more T1D community members by leveraging and developing mutual materials and programs with increased efficiency and impact 
  • Accelerate research support and advocacy efforts by better engaging and educating the T1D community  
  • Increase the diversity of the T1D Community we are reaching through new, joint outreach efforts 

“Collaboration is often just a buzzword,” said David Panzirer, a Trustee at the Helmsley Charitable Trust.  

“Today, this joining of forces is both a meaningful and powerful advance for the T1D community as two leading organizations forge a true partnership that plays to their respective strengths and increases their ability to focus on what each does best.”  

We agree. And we look forward to sharing updates on how this alliance is helping us to do more for everyone JDRF supports.  

Read the full media release here.   

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