Education Series

Let’s Talk T1D: Reproductive Health and T1D

As part of our ongoing Let’s Talk T1D Education Series this free information session will provide an overview of hormones across life stages and their impact on type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Thursday, June 27, 2024
7:00pm EST (French)
8:00pm EST (English)

Microsoft Teams
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Moderated by JDRF and featuring Ilana Halperin, MD MSc FRCPC

About This Event
Dr. Ilana Halperin is an adult endocrinologist and assistant professor with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. She will lead a session outlining the various hormonal life stages with T1D, including menses, pregnancy and menopause and how they can affect T1D and T1D management, including glucose levels and insulin requirements.

This event is open to everyone, but please note that we won’t be able to answer any individual questions about personal health concerns.

For additional information on reproductive health and TD, please visit:

This event is open to everyone, we hope to see you there.

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