What is TrialNet?

TrialNet is an international network of leading academic institutions, endocrinologists, physicians, scientists and healthcare teams at the forefront of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. They offer risk screening for relatives of people with T1D and innovative clinical studies testing ways to slow down and prevent disease progression.

Research has shown that family members of people with T1D are at a 15x greater risk of developing T1D than the general population.

The ultimate goal for this program aligns with JDRF’s research strategy: identifying preventative and screening measures that will stop the disease before it starts.

How can you help? 

  • TrialNet is focused on finding ways to slow down and prevent the onset of T1D
  • By participating in TrialNet, you can advance scientific research about the development of T1D
  • If you are at high risk for developing T1D, you may be eligible to participate in a prevention trial
  • Previous research in The TrialNet Teplizumab (Anti-CD3) Prevention Study was the first study to demonstrate a drug that can delay T1D diagnosis – which in the most recent analysis showed an average delay of three years in people at high risk. This was an incredible advancement that gets us all one step closer to our goal of a future without T1D.

Step 1: Get Screened

  • Find out if you are at high risk for developing T1D
    • The study looks for markers in your blood that show that you may be on the path to developing T1D
  • You will be given an at-home test-kit that can be done with a finger stick or go to a local lab for a blood draw
  • The kit is available anywhere in Canada at zero cost to participants

Who is eligible?

This screening kit is available to family members of individuals with T1D

Step 2: Find out the results

  • Results take around 4-6 weeks

Step 3: Help researchers better understand the development of T1D

  • If your screening results show that you are at a high risk for developing T1D, you will have the opportunity to be monitored by the TrialNet team for any sign of developing diabetes. You may also be eligible to participate in a TrialNet prevention study, testing ways to slow or stop disease progression.

Results from these trials will help researchers develop preventative treatments and therapies. You can be part of this solution.


Contact Info

For more information, or to request a screening kit, feel free to contact the TrialNet Team:



Visit our website for more information: www.trialnet.org