Beyond Insulin™ invests $25,600 in CREATE

100 years after the discovery of insulin, JDRF is pleased to announce the results of the first annual Beyond Insulin Vote for Research.

Thirty-seven founding members committed to recurring annual donations, supporting life changing type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, and providing stable funding to the most promising pathways to a cure.

Following a brief introduction to three encouraging research projects, members attended a Virtual Research Presentation led by JDRF Canada’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Sarah Linklater to learn more. These same members were then offered a first-time opportunity to vote; either personally or by proxy, to direct the collective funds of the Beyond Insulin members.

“Our granddaughter was diagnosed at 2 years of age with [T1D].  As devastating as it is to receive the news of her diabetes diagnosis, I feel you just have to roll up your sleeves and manage it with the guidance, training, research and assistance of her medical care providers. It is not often that a family is able to have influence on the direction of research. Beyond Insulin motivated our contribution and participation.” -Anonymous Beyond Insulin Member

“I was pleased to be able to judge the projects and vote on which was preferred. Of course, it was a difficult choice since all three have value to the community with T1D.” said Monica Seger, a Beyond Insulin Member.

Next year, Beyond Insulin members will again be given the option to accelerate the funding of a pre-approved research project. As membership grows, so too will the funding opportunities, helping us to move beyond insulin.

What would a cure mean?

“It would mean relief, joy, and freedom for the entire family. Of greater importance would be the impact it would have on my granddaughter’s future quality of life as a young adult and beyond. NORMALITY! It would mean relief of stress on her parents, that will be life long without the cure. My wife and I would encourage anyone and everyone to join Beyond Insulin.”

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