Dear type 1™, It’s been a big adjustment.

November 6, 2019

Type 1 diabetes became a part of Danny Miller’s family’s life just 18 months ago when his son, Cody, was diagnosed.

“My wife is a trained pediatrician, so she saw some signs,” he remembers. “She believed he could have type 1 diabetes, so she took him to the ER and that’s when Cody got diagnosed. There were lots of tears and challenges, but she and I, and Cody especially, reacted really well and rose to those challenges.”

As the Millers began to learn more about type 1 diabetes, they turned to JDRF. “I think we ordered the Bag of Hope the first day after his diagnosis. There was an issue with fulfillment, so a JDRF staff member actually delivered it to our house. Cody was in tears when he saw Rufus, the bear with diabetes. He started giving him his injections right away and today, almost 18 months later, he’s still snuggling with Rufus in bed.”

The Miller family

Type 1 diabetes has been a big adjustment for the Millers, but like all families affected by this disease, they had to quickly adapt, and now, 18 months later, they’re committed to doing everything they can to prevent Cody from experiencing future complications associated with the disease.

“We need to support T1D research in order to find a cure. We’re so close,” says Danny. “There are all sorts of exciting research programs happening, especially here in Canada, from stem cells to the artificial pancreas.”

Thanks to the Miller family’s generous support, all donations to JDRF between November 1st and November 30th will be matched up to $40,000. Donate today and every dollar of your gift will be matched.

Danny truly believes that because of the support of JDRF and the entire T1D community, a future without type 1 diabetes has never been closer. For him, “a cure to me and my family would mean back to normal. It would be incredible.”

Thank you for supporting a future free of type 1 diabetes this National Diabetes Awareness Month!

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