Holiday gift ideas for people living with diabetes


With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to get those special people in your life. To help with your shopping, we’ve put together a gift guide with a few creative ideas for people living with type 1 diabetes and for just about everyone on your list. So whether you choose to go simple or splashy, or get crafty at home, remember: It’s the thought that counts.



For the health-conscious:


Group exercise classes

Make exercise a part of the holiday season by giving your friend or loved one a set of yoga, Pilates or spin classes. You might even want to join a session to lend your support.

Fitness trackers

Maintaining an active lifestyle is an important part of effectively managing diabetes and trackers can be great motivators. Help a friend monitor his/her progress with a tool that counts steps and calories burned, observes heart rate and sleep patterns, and syncs it all to a smartphone.

Socks and slippers

Nothing says the holidays like cozy socks and comfy slippers. Foot care is important for everyone, but especially for people living with diabetes.  Non-skid, seamless, moisture-wicking socks, along with a pair of slippers with a hard sole and a closed toe can make a world of difference in preventing injuries at home.

Body cream

Dry skin and winter go hand in hand, so consider a gift of body cream. Glucose monitoring is made easier when skin is moisturized, which can be helpful to someone living with diabetes.


In today’s fast-paced world, rest and relaxation are often pushed aside by stress. Whether or not a person lives with diabetes, a massage can be a wonderful way to unwind physically and mentally.


Want to encourage a close friend to cut down on soda and replace it with a beverage that boasts a variety of flavours for every taste?  Then a tea set may be the perfect gift. Think about a decorative box filled with a shiny kettle, a pretty cup and saucer, and a selection of specialty teas.


For the foodie:


Cooking classes

A cooking class makes a great holiday gift for the foodie in you circle who appreciates different cuisines and new techniques. Whether a novice or a seasoned cook, they will surely enjoy the experience!

Cooking gadgets

Healthy eating is part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Consider buying a slow cooker or an indoor grill so your loved one can make wholesome meals all year round without the fuss.

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

A good salad is only as good as the condiments used to prepare it. Treat your friends to a set of the finest imported olive oil and balsamic vinegar within your budget.

Homemade goodies

Are you renowned in your circles for the best apple muffins that put store-bought brands and mixes to shame? Maybe you make your own bread, or a delicious jam to serve at breakfast. Whatever your culinary talent, consider offering a gift from your kitchen this season to show a family member how much you care.


For the reader:



The holidays are the perfect time to catch up on some reading and a good book can be a welcome gift. Pair it with a pretty bookmark for that special someone.


Surprise those closest to you with a year-long subscription to their favourite magazine. With so many categories to choose from, there is something for everyone!


A personalized notebook can inspire loved ones with diabetes to keep track of his/her blood sugar readings, food intake and exercise. It can also serve as incentive for them to record innermost thoughts,  their personal journey with diabetes, or even family anecdotes to pass down to future generations.


For the artist:



The gift of music is a great tool for exercise and stress management. Spoil your loved one this holiday season with a cool portable media player.

Concert tickets

Whether it’s the opera, a rock concert or a ballet, friends and/or relatives will certainly enjoy tickets to a show. Look for group discounts and seasonal specials, if available.

Paint nite

The ‘paint nite’ craze is still going strong in cities across the country. Grab some buddies and sign up at a studio near you for an evening of instructional art, music and fun!


For the fashionista:


Supply bags

People living with diabetes have much to carry around, so why not buy your friend one of many stylish supply bags currently on the market to tote insulin and medical necessities? These fashionable accessories are often designed by people who have diabetes, making them the perfect choice.

Diabetes awareness jewelry

Medical alert jewelry can be practical and chic with select stores offering high-end engravable bracelet options, as well as stainless steel versions. For more affordable choices, the MedicAlert Foundation has bracelets, necklaces and accessories for men, women and children in a variety of styles and materials.


Of course, should you prefer a more philanthropic approach this season, how about a DYI fundraiser whereby the proceeds from your event are donated to diabetes research? By helping others, you will undoubtedly be giving one of the best gifts ever.

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