Making the best of the COVID-19 situation

July 24, 2020

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If on January 1, 2020 you were told that life would change drastically as it has this year, you probably wouldn’t have believed it. However, here we are. The coronavirus pandemic has swept us into an unprecedented global health emergency and forced us to make significant changes to our way of life. The office is now downstairs instead of a short (or long) commute away; the children need to be homeschooled or entertained; and, we no longer have easy access to groceries, family and friends and our favourite restaurants. Is there a silver lining in the dark cloud? Yes, the adoption and a greater appreciation of technology.


With visits to healthcare professionals (HCPs) now mostly virtual, tele-health and Zoom meetings now the norm, there comes a heavier reliance on self-monitoring. For people with diabetes, this is where the benefit of having digital tools, such as an app, starts to become appreciated. Whether you use a blood glucose monitor (BGM) or a continuous glucose monitor(CGM), using a software or an app, such as the CONTOUR®DIABETES App, is a welcome part of the diabetes management jigsaw puzzle.

These technological gems can help you monitor and recognize patterns in your blood glucose levels, which you can share with your HCP.  But that’s not all, apps also alert you about critical highs and lows and advise on how to avoid these and get back into a safe range. Personalized testing schedules based around your daily routines are also provided, and the app can detect patterns in your glucose readings and help identify possible causes behind them.

As the battle with this virus continues, it is important to remember that you are not alone. We are here to support you and help you manage your diabetes effectively. For information about the highly accurate CONTOUR®NEXT family of blood glucose monitors1,2 and test strips and to learn about our CONTOUR®DIABETES App, click here. Remember #togetherwecan!


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