“More funds for T1D research”: Kaleb Dahlgren talks #TeamT1D

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With Kids for a Cure Lobby Day just a few weeks away, we’re getting ready to head to Ottawa with our delegates.

During their trip, they’ll be meeting with Canada’s decision-makers to help them understand the daily challenges they face in living with type 1 diabetes (T1D), bringing home the importance of accelerating progress towards a cure, developing new treatment options and improving access to new diabetes drugs and devices.

People all across Canada are helping us get loud about type 1 diabetes sharing their message to Canada’s decision-makers using the hashtag #TeamT1D.

One of them is Kaleb Dahlgren, former Junior A level hockey player with the Humbolt Broncos, founder of Dahlgren’s Diabeauties and JDRF Ambassador.

Kaleb has been living with type 1 diabetes since he was four years old, and he’s now joining the #TeamT1D initiative by sharing his thoughts on misconceptions about T1D and the role the Canadian government can play in supporting those living with it.

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What’s the biggest misconception people have about type 1 diabetes?

The biggest misconception with type 1 diabetes is that you develop it from unhealthy eating/lifestyle and that you are not able to do the things you were doing before because of it. Both of those are false!

You’ve become a big advocate for the T1D community through the Dahlgren’s Diabeauties program. What would you say to someone who’s just been diagnosed?

You will get used to managing your diabetes and it does become easier. Don’t let people tell you cannot do/achieve things with diabetes…it is NOT true! Make sure you manage your diabetes and do not let it manage you!

What should the Canadian government do to support those living with type one diabetes?

They should fund all diabetic supplies for type 1 diabetics; all insulin, needles, pumps, CGM’s, etc., should be covered. Effective treatment of type 1 diabetes decreases the potential of health complications and hospital admissions. Lower hospital admissions mean less burden on taxpayers and better quality of life for the person with diabetes.

Technology has really changed the way diabetes is managed, however, it is not available to everyone due to cost, this is unfair and should be available for all people with type 1 diabetes.

The Government should allocate more money for T1D research. JDRF is doing a great job but cannot do it alone. A cure is right around the corner and with more funding, we can turn type one into type none.


Want to share your message with Ottawa’s decision-makers?

Post a photo or a video on social media with your message to Canada’s decision-makers using the hashtag #TeamT1D, or check out our latest Instagram story and submit your reply there!

Your message can be something as simple as why access to medical devices and treatments is important to you, the challenges associated with living with type 1 diabetes, or any other message you’d like to share with politicians in Ottawa.

We’ll be bringing these messages with us to Ottawa to help support the Kids for a Cure Lobby Day delegates and to share the stories of fellow Canadians who live with type 1 diabetes or want to see their loved ones get the support they deserve.

Let’s get loud for #TeamT1D!

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