Alberta announces new coverage for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems

Wednesday February 2, 2022 – JDRF Canada is excited to share that the Alberta government has announced that they will provide public coverage for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who are under the age of 18. To qualify, individuals must be enrolled in the province’s non-group coverage or satisfy a means test to demonstrate low-income.

“We applaud the Alberta government’s decision to provide CGM devices to those living with type 1 diabetes who are under 18. We encourage the government’s ongoing expansion of the age of eligibility for these live-saving devices for Albertans living with T1D” says Dave Prowten, President and CEO, JDRF Canada.

T1D self-management is made easier through technologies such as CGMs which provide real-time readings that help to improve overall blood glucose (HbA1C) and time in target range (TIR), keeping more people out of hospital, and reducing longer-term complications. Better self-management and glucose control also helps to relieve some of the anxiety that surrounds the disease. It allows people with T1D to better plan exercise, meals, and rest. Universal coverage of CGM would increase the number of people living free of complications by an estimated 7,400 and decrease mortality by an estimated 11,500. 

“Patient choice continues to be a priority for JDRF’s Access for All campaign. T1D is a complex disease that affects people very differently, so we hope that in the future, the Flash GM will be covered in Alberta as well. It is important that patients, in consultation with their health care providers, decide on their best course of treatment, and not be limited simply due to what is covered” adds Prowten.

Since JDRF launched its Access for All campaign in 2019, we have seen significant commitment from provincial and territorial governments to improve access due to the cost-benefit and quality of life outcomes these devices undeniably provide. We laud the Alberta government for recognizing this need, and welcome today’s announcement as another win for the T1D community.

JDRF also credits the efforts of JDRF’s incredible advocacy volunteers who make up the Alberta provincial advisory group for helping raise awareness through the Access for All campaign about the need for provincial coverage by educating and informing decisionmakers of the benefits of funding these technologies. JDRF believes that patient choice is paramount to better T1D management. The organization will continue to advocate until there is universal access to advanced glucose monitoring devices and insulin pumps for all Canadians living with T1D.    

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