This fellowship provides salary support for fellows registered in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) pursuing a graduate (MSc or PhD) degree or completing postdoctoral training in the field of T1D research. This fellowship is not intended to augment residency salary from Provincial Health Services, rather replace that salary where not available.

Applicant Eligibility
Applicants must be enrolled in medical residency and completing/applying to the CIP at a Canadian University. This award cannot be held simultaneous to Provincial Health Services residency salary but can be held simultaneous to other external (e.g., CIHR) or internal (e.g., departmental) funding. Applicants are eligible to hold this award anywhere in the world, according to the policies of their home institution. JDRF is committed to funding a diverse group of trainees and encourages people from underrepresented groups to apply.  Please reach out to if accommodations are needed.

Institutional Eligibility
JDRF abides by the funding rules of the Tri-Agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC). The applicant’s host institution must be eligible to hold Tri-Agency funding.

Fellowship Details
This is an award of $50,000 CAD to support the salary of the applicant during their enrollment in the CIP. This fellowship will be granted for 1-year, with potential to renew for an additional year based on progress, merit, financial need, and grant availability. Applications are due to JDRF in November 2023, notices of decision will be released Spring 2024, and funding will begin July 1, 2024.  For fellows interested in a January start date, please email to discuss.


JDRF Clinician Investigator Fellowships are designed to attract and promote clinician scientists in the field of T1D research. These fellowships are open to medical residents who are pursuing graduate studies or training via the RCPSC CIP through a Canadian University. The fellowship will contribute to the salary of the applicant so that they may dedicate their time to research activities related to T1D.  Any projects that align with JDRF’s global mission strategy will be considered. Applicants of all levels are encouraged to apply; however, a preference will be given to PhD and Postdoctoral level applicants when appropriate. Fellowship duration will be 1-year, with eligibility to renew dependent on Provincial funding available through the host institution and the duration of graduate studies, as well as research progress, merit, financial need, and external grant availability. Award holders will be expected to indicate an Expression of Interest (EOI) for renewal by January of their award year.

Applicant Eligibility
Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Applicants have applied to or are enrolled in the CIP program and will maintain RCPSC residency status and/or be considered a clinical research fellow for the duration of the award.
  2. Applicants are NOT receiving Provincial Health Services salary simultaneous to this award (but can be receiving other external (e.g., CIHR) or internal (e.g., departmental) funding).
  3. Applicants completing the CIP training in the fractionated pathway, can only apply for funding during blocks of at least 6-months in the program. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis and the value of the fellowship will be pro-rated based on the block duration if needed.
    *We acknowledge that each institution administers the CIP according to provincial and institutional regulations and agreements. For any situations that may not fit the aforementioned description or criteria please contact to confirm eligibility.

Research can be conducted at any institution domestic or foreign, according to the host institution guidelines. Inter-institution training is encouraged and may be facilitated by JDRF where appropriate.

Reporting Requirements
Progress reporting will be required semi-annually through interim progress update calls and annual written progress reports.

Application Details
Applications are due to JDRF on November 30, 2023 at 11:59 PST, notices of decision will be released in Spring 2024, funding will begin July 1, 2024.  Applicants are required to submit a complete application package using the online application form. The following materials must be included in the application package:

  1. Letter of Support from primary research supervisor, which should include the availability and appropriateness of resources required to carry out the proposed research (max 2 pages)
  2. Applicant CV (any format, including Canadian Common CV, will be accepted)
  3. Future Career Plan Statement (max 2 pages)
  4. Research Plan (max 2 pages)

Please note: all materials can be from CIP or graduate program application packages as long as they fit within the page limits noted above. French applications will be accepted and can be max 2.5 pages for each section (with the exception of the CV of any length).

Applications will undergo peer review and be evaluated based on alignment with JDRF’s mission, applicant merit, environment for the research, strength of the career plan statement, and strength of the research plan. Applicants may be requested to revise the research plan based on review feedback, before funding decisions are made.