The Garfinkle Family Leadership Gift

September 25, 2019

“Our story is the story of parents fighting for their kids.”
Jimmy Garfinkle

In 1971 and 1973, Krayna Golfman and Mitch Garfinkle’s lives changed dramatically when their sons, David and Jimmy, were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Along with other families living with the disease, they embarked on a lifelong mission to find a cure. Thus began the journey that led to the founding of JDRF Canada.

Twenty-three years later, T1D knocked at their door once again. This time, the Garfinkle’s nine-year-old grandson, Alex, learned he had the disease. The news was devastating, and they could not bear the thought of Alex going through life with this challenging health condition they knew only too well. History was repeating itself and the Garfinkle Family rallied to protect him from this relentless disease. This was the catalyst that energized the family and renewed their leadership as stalwart champions of JDRF.

Through the years, the unwavering commitment of The Garfinkle Family helped JDRF push the boundaries and make incredible progress. Among their significant contributions, Jimmy, David and business partner, Irving Granovsky, were the first to support JDRF’s In Our Lifetime campaign in Eastern Canada, with Jimmy serving as head of the campaign.

As the campaign draws to a close, the family is choosing once again to lead by example through a transformational gift that will cover the costs from September to December. In doing so, they will allow us to direct 100% of all gifts to JDRF’s mission. This extraordinary gesture undoubtedly builds on the Garfinkle Family’s legacy as a JDRF trailblazer devoted to creating a world without T1D.

Thank you for your tremendous generosity, Jimmy and family! We are so grateful for your lifetime contribution to JDRF.

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