The impact of your voice this National Diabetes Awareness Month

December 5, 2019

National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM) has officially come to an end, and we cannot thank you enough for your overwhelming support and participation.

Here are some of the great initiatives you took part on that helped make this NDAM so special:

You shared your Dear Type 1™ stories, and it made a strong impact

This November we asked you, the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community, to share your stories, help raise money and support leading edge T1D research. You responded to our ask—submitting over 155 #DearType1 letters—bravely shedding light on your struggles, successes and experiences living with type 1, or knowing someone who does. The struggles of this 24/h disease are often forgotten. By sharing your stories, you helped educate readers, and advocate for change. Thank you so much for opening up to the community through #DearType1.

With each submission, we were lucky to receive the support of Ascencia, who donated $5 for every letter sent in. We greatly appreciate their help.

Our #deartype1 initiative was such a success that Tandem Diabetes Care has stepped forward with a challenge to continue this momentum! For every story shared during the month of December, Tandem will give $5 to JDRF Canada, up to $7500. Share your story and help change the way people talk about living with T1D.

You toured Dr. Kieffer’s lab with us and learned about stem cell therapies

Throughout NDAM, we also wanted to share exciting research developments with you. That’s why we were so excited to bring you to Dr. Kieffer’s lab live to update you on stem-cell therapies, and allow you to ask questions about this exciting field of T1D research. Your engagement on our Facebook live was so encouraging, and re-affirmed the importance of these partnerships for JDRF. Thank you for tuning in and learning with us.

You advocated with us at Queen’s Park

We also had the opportunity to take you with us to Queen’s Park in Toronto, ON, where we sat down with advocates in the industry partnering with MPPs to discuss the need for affordable, and accessible devices like CGMs and FGMs in the province. A huge thanks to the JDRF delegates who took part in these efforts advocating for access to the best health technology for every Canadian living with T1D.

You’re the reason why we can move forward

Because of your overwhelming support and donations throughout NDAM, the Miller family was so inspired by the T1D community, they stepped up to match all donations until the end of November, up to $40,000. We thank the Millers so much for their gratitude and support in moving us closer to our goal.

Because of you, this NDAM we were able to surpass our fundraising goal. Thank you so much for your generous support.

A response like this is the driving force behind supporting ground-breaking T1D research. From artificial pancreases to new advancements in stem cell replacement therapy, we continue to grow closer to better treatment therapies and cures for this disease.

While this progress is tremendous, we continue to encourage this momentum in T1D research breakthroughs. We can only ensure that the most promising research continues to take place with your help.

We promise to continually fight for you today, and every day—advocating for progress and partnering with lead researchers and health care providers so you can live a longer, healthier life until one day we find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Thank you to everyone for making this NDAM so special.

Please continue to share your #Deartype1 stories and raise awareness about T1D, because every T1D experience matters.

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