Using your voice to fight against type 1 diabetes

May 5, 2020

At JDRF, we know that when it comes to fighting against type 1 diabetes (T1D), there is strength in numbers.

As a JDRF Advocate YOU can bring together people who have been affected by T1D, who want to make their voices heard and work together to build bonds with Members of Parliament, as well as provincial and municipal officials in order to drive change, influence the shape of policy and help new treatments reach the community, moving us closer to a world without T1D.



As an advocate, we need your help. In order to grow and have more people take important actions for those living with T1D, we ask that you reach out to friends and family today to join you as a T1D advocate by:

  1. Asking your network to help build and sustain critical support for T1D research and raise awareness among decisionmakers of the financial, medical and emotional costs of the disease by becoming a JDRF Advocate.
  2. Sharing our advocacy page with a personal message from you using the hashtag #WhyIAdvocate.
  3. Sharing this blog on your networks.

As we strengthen our community together, we’ll be able to accelerate the pace of type 1 research.

Now YOU can invite others to use their voice to help secure continued Federal funding for important diabetes research, inform health and regulatory policy, and improve the quality of life for those affected by T1D – until we find a cure.

It’s because of the work that advocates like you do, we are able to drive change. Let’s carry this momentum forward and work toward a world without T1D.

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