Diagnosed at age 16

Her monster slayer juice box is Refreshing Raspberry or Galvanizing Grape

It’s a bit of an exhausting presence, the T1D Monster simply doesn’t leave me alone. I have to consult with it every time that I go for a run, or eat a cookie, or sleep in.

My T1D monster looks a lot like my Not-Good-Enough monster. It’s very intrusive and it takes the form of a cloud that fills my mind. It’s a very bright orange and leaves behind a nasty, sour smell of shame. This monster needs a lot of attention. If it gets ignored it gets even more nasty, so I have to tame it with constant exercise, conscious eating, and insulin.

The T1D monster doesn’t stop me from doing anything, but it is always around and sometimes keeps me from feeling my best while I’m living my life.

The monster is not an invited guest in my life or headspace. We have struck a truce for the moment but I’m nervous that it might turn on me in the future with some long-term side effects and health consequences and attack my eyes, my nerves, my kidneys.


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