Diagnosed at age 10

His monster slayer juicebox is ‘Orange you glad we had a juicebox?” and rockets candy

When I was first diagnosed, my monster was really scary. It felt like a big, dark shadow lurking around me all the time. But once we learned to use the tools to manage the monster, he became much less scary. Now he’s a big part of our family and tags along wherever we go – to school, birthday parties, sports, camping, etc. Sometimes he gets grumpy and I have to stop what I am doing to tame his mood, before I can continue what I was doing.

My T1D monster has evolved to be a big part of my life. It has no schedule and we deal with it as it happens. There are people everywhere being followed around by their T1D monster, but he’s sometimes invisible, so you might never know it.

We need to get rid of the T1D monster because it makes people’s lives harder and for some people it’s a lot harder to manage than for others.


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