Diagnosed a week before her 12th birthday

Her monster slayer juice box is Peach Me Up

Some days the T1D monster stays hidden and in check and then on other days it seems to run my life.  It’s a full-time job that you can never take a day off from. It’s people staring or judging when you’re taking an injection, or they see your sensor on your arm. Living with people thinking you brought this monster upon yourself because you ate too much candy. It’s people seeing you as normal but never knowing that you’re fighting a constant battle.

Some days that battle means running on little sleep from all the lows in the night, or not being able to fall asleep because of the fear you may not wake up. Other times it’s just this feeling of constant frustration with yourself because no matter what you do you can’t hit your target for the day.

My monster is very moody and hard to keep happy. It changes color based on my blood sugar levels and feeds off my emotions. The monster never goes away and managing it is a full time job.

We need to find a cure so kids can be kids. We need to find a cure to free people from the T1D monster.


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